Jan 21, 2014

Exciting News!


As some of you know, a few years ago I was all ready to go study fashion when something happened in my brain and caused me to have chronic pain all the time. Now while it's still there everyday, I've learnt to deal with it better and work around it.
It's been a long three years to learn to cope with it but I'm happy to say I'm closer to being human than I was :)

Now a couple of months ago I thought to myself about the course I'd wanted and dreamed of all these years and looked it up, they had just started taking 2014 applications! I applied, sat the interview and was offered a spot!

In two weeks and two days time I am officially doing a full time 3 year course, Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design!!!!! I'm so happy, scared and nervous! This will be extremely hard on my body but I am determined to give it my all. I cannot wait to become incredibly knowledgeable on fashion, sewing, design etc!

I plan to use my blog regularly as of now to keep record of my progress over the next three years, I hope some of you join me for the ride :)

Oct 4, 2013

Frocktober for Ovarian Cancer Research

Please support Ovarian cancer research, every 10 hours in Australia a woman dies of it, I myself have a double to triple chance of getting it myself due to other health issues.
Please give what you can, even $5 can be the difference between a woman living and dying.
This month I am wearing a different dress everyday for Frocktober to raise funds. Please donate and help!!!


Jul 26, 2013