Jul 26, 2013

Jul 22, 2013

FREE Lutterloh Pattern books!!!!!!!

Lutterloh !!!
Anyone interested in having FREE Lutterloh pattern books????
I found a torrent online where I downloaded a file from and it has a bunch, I've always wanted to have a look at them but in seeing the prices they go for on ebay I couldnt do it so I have always been on the look out online.
The file is 1.33 Gb, so it took a few days to get as torrents are not direct downloads.
See the photo as to what's in the folder, I've checked them all out already and all are extremely good scans of the books.


Thats the torrent, you'll need a torrent provider, I use utorrent which you can find just by googling & make sure to click the first Download Torrent not the large one slightly below.

I have NO idea how to make the patterns yet...but I hope to figure it out as the designs are to DIE for!!!

Happy downloading and please let me know how you go!