Oct 4, 2013

Frocktober for Ovarian Cancer Research

Please support Ovarian cancer research, every 10 hours in Australia a woman dies of it, I myself have a double to triple chance of getting it myself due to other health issues.
Please give what you can, even $5 can be the difference between a woman living and dying.
This month I am wearing a different dress everyday for Frocktober to raise funds. Please donate and help!!!


Jul 26, 2013

Jul 22, 2013

FREE Lutterloh Pattern books!!!!!!!

Lutterloh !!!
Anyone interested in having FREE Lutterloh pattern books????
I found a torrent online where I downloaded a file from and it has a bunch, I've always wanted to have a look at them but in seeing the prices they go for on ebay I couldnt do it so I have always been on the look out online.
The file is 1.33 Gb, so it took a few days to get as torrents are not direct downloads.
See the photo as to what's in the folder, I've checked them all out already and all are extremely good scans of the books.


Thats the torrent, you'll need a torrent provider, I use utorrent which you can find just by googling & make sure to click the first Download Torrent not the large one slightly below.

I have NO idea how to make the patterns yet...but I hope to figure it out as the designs are to DIE for!!!

Happy downloading and please let me know how you go!


Jun 24, 2013

My sewing/craft group!

Well over a year ago I felt the overwhelming need for crafty friends, as far as I was aware I had none and my partner was well and truly sick of me ranting about fabric and buttons.

I made a group on Facebook as I found others to be too large, and in being so I felt too lost within them.
As of today my group is nearly 300 members strong (with about 30 of them who I know now quite well and a regular posters) and it's given me the sense of community I craved within craft.

Please feel more than welcome to join, and let me know that my blog took you there as I would love to see people really get into the spirit of things :)
We are just rounding up our latest craft swap so the next week will be lively with love about eachothers gifts!


Jun 19, 2013

Pattern Giveaway Winners!!!

Sorry I am a bit late on posting, I've been sickly so even powering up my laptop has seemed like a huge task!!!

Pattern 1 - This pattern had no love! So it goes back into my sewing room to wait until the next time.
Pattern 2 - Goes to the lovely Abby Horskins!!! From http://bluegingerdoll.blogspot.com.au/
Pattern 3 - Galen Dorpalen-Barry you are the winner!!
Pattern 4 - This one had the most interest which I am not shocked at, it's lovely :) The winner is...Laura Lee!!! From http://www.vintagerequiem.com

If the winners can please email me at amber_walker@live.com.au with your address and I will get them off in the mail asap :)

I hope everyone will enjoy their patterns, and please let me know when you have made them up!!!


Jun 2, 2013

Pattern Giveaway!!!

I won a vintage pattern today from the lovely Penny at Dresses&Me. I havnt won anything since I was a child so it made my day!!! Its hard to find vintage patterns in larger sizes so I am super keen on using my new pattern!

In the spirit of kindess, I have decided to give away some patterns too!!

Pattern 1.
Simplicity 8149
Size 14, bust 36

Pattern 2.
Simplicity 5071
Size 14, bust 34

Pattern 3.
Advance Sew Easy
Size 14, bust 34

Pattern 4.
Simplicity 6491
Size 14, bust 36

To win please -
• Comment here on which pattern you would like to win and a link to your blog.

• Follow my blog (either on the blogger friends or by email)

• If you could possibly link back to my blog on your next blog post that would be amazing also, share the love ♥♡♥

Keep checking new posts as to if you have won or not, I will be picking winners two weeks from today!!

Good luck!!!!

May 25, 2013

Mend and Make do

This is by far my fave type of skirt. I don't use a pattern, just my knowledge of sewing and my body, and while each has turned out differently I have done so to adjust how much of each fabric I had at the time
 The olive green with the bow is the other nights latest love in my life, I adore it! It's a thin wool, nice and warm and quite a bright green outside yet inside it turns an olive. I know I am going to make a million of these types of skirts and already have one in mind for this weekend :)

- Don't I look chuffed? 

Tonights project! My stepmother volunteers in a opshop and found this dress and knew I would love the print (I really do) but the dress was TINY so I knew I was going to have to make it into a skirt!
So I cut it away fromt the waist, added a navy waist band, button and overlocked the seams and yay!

I love indie patterns, Everything about them makes me feel every good about sewing as one can feel. They are always with the time, have amazing features that the big companies just seem to overlook, have blogs that have more in depth help and you can really get to know and usually love the designer. This is my first Megan Nielsen pattern, and while I will need to upsize it a few inches, I am super excited about the beautiful pattern!!! I got my jollies from the top being turned into this dress.

SO! What have you been working on? Are you working on one project or have a million going at one time like me? (My sewing room is a bomb site!!)

Bambi xx

May 20, 2013

Helena Skirt: Free pattern download!


Helena Skirt: A New Pattern Download! #1

Thought I would share this FREE (omg) pattern to download at home!
It's super cute (and not to mention quite similar to a few patterns going around in the last six months) but I am loving the slight differences to this pattern than similar styles.

I have just printed her out (I think it was 19 pages...?) but I am not ready to face my first attempt at putting it together!!! I will keep you guys updated when I get to making it in the future!!

Let me know if you decide to make one too :)

May 12, 2013

Lemon Lace!

Third post for the day, I am making up for the lack of them ay?

I tried to draft my own circle skirt from http://circleskirtpattern.com/ and I somehow buggered it up because it was far too big!! Had a minor panic attack and then did a pleat? Tuck? On each side which I think looks quite cute!
THEN I realise that I didnt have enough yellow lace to cover the back...hurrrr...so it actually has the plain yellow at the back, which I dont think is too weird?

On this skirt I made my first ever button hole on a garment and I am chuffed, the past two weeks have been full of multiple things I have decided to finally learn :)

New dress!

So I finally made a more fitted dress (the bust at least). While it looks fine to everyone else I know its not perfect (anything I make rarely is!!).

I have so many patterns laying abour atm that Im in the middle of I cant even tell you what bodice it is, I altered it to give the fold over neckline, lined the bodice, added my own gathered skirt (I cheated and its elastic gathered) added the retro flower buttons...I think thats it?
After wearing it for a day to see what needed fixing I need to bring the back in an inch, bust in about an inch and a half, removed almost two inches from the shoulders and line down the waist as the gathers make me itch.

Apart from that I am pretty happy I have a dress I have made, I even did my first hand picked zipper and that baby was LONG!


Mothers Day!

(Excuse the fact there is going to be multiple posts today, I have net back on!!)

It's Mothers day and I am lucky to have a unique relationship with my own Mum.
There was a long period of time when I was a child that I didnt see her (many years in fact) and it wasnt until the last handful of years really that we have managed to come together and be daughter and mother, but ours is more of a friendship than anything.
I know that if she wasnt my mother I would still choose to have her as a friend, she is my bestfriend and I love her dearly. I spend alot of my week with her, more time with her than any of ny friends or even my partner and still I wish for more time that she and I can do things together.
I bought her the usual "mum" pressie (slippers) but I also made her this shopping bag in a funky print and a sweet little floral coin purse. (This is only my second button hole ever on a item so I am proud!).

I love you Mum.

Apr 25, 2013

The weight of sewing

My weight is always something I have struggled with, most of my life I have been thin, sometimes far too thin, from lack of confidence I had always felt that if I harshly controlled my weight then I was somehow better looking which would lead to feeling happier about life.

Now being a little older and wiser, and suffer chronic pain which limits my exercise which all leads to comfort eating in front of the telly, I am suffering being overweight for the first time in my life. I'm not happy about it, I'm not going to ruin myself over it like I once would have, but it has got to a point where my doctor's are telling me I need to loose weight for my health and back issues...which makes me feel terrible. Let alone the fact that I feel myself shying away from my partner, I have always felt very strongly that everyone owes it to their partners to keep themselves looking their best no matter how long they have been together, and we have been together for half a decade...so the last thing I want to inflict apon my love is my recent fattiness. Sigh.

Which brings me to my issue at hand, sewing clothes. Do I really want to sew up a fabric that makes me swoon in the size I am now (which makes me teary) when I plan to loose weight? (fingers crossed) or do I just accept that this is who I am for right now and if my garments cannot be brought in once weight IS lost, then merely see them as a practise? I refuse to get any bigger than I am now, it is NOT happening and I would literally half starve myself if I noticed anymore gain, so it's only possibly becoming smaller is the issue.
One of my dreams is to make my own Chanel jacket one day (patterns in the mail!) but I know such an undertaking, both skill and price wise, it has to go in the "when I dont feel like a blob" pile.

So how about you? Does your weight affect your choice in what you sew with?

In other new's I have been worried, I have had another MRI on my spine, and one on my brain. My Neurologist was looking for what he thought to be MS, but thank the heavens I do not seem to have that nor a tumor that they where worried of, but it is looking like I may have fluid on the brain...which means scary things. I am afraid, but it might finally be an answer to the problems that have taken over my life for the past two years. I pray for a day without pain again.

Apr 18, 2013

Wow...just WOW

So I thought I had gotten my biggest fabric heaps for cheap that I would ever get...how wrong (yay!) I was!!


An elderly lady in my town has stopped sewing due to illness and was getting rid of a two car garages worth.

This entire amount I bought off her covers my huge three seater couch, a few side tables and another massive chair. (It all cost me only $110, including the HUGE box of vintage lace)
Im so happy I have been dancing, singing and drapping it all over myself for the past four hours lol



Apr 16, 2013



Look at my latest buy!!!!!!
41 metres of pure LOVEEEEEEEEEEE

Follow me on instagram, for a constant stream of photos of my cats and shopping adiction...lol

Apr 15, 2013

A work in progress

My poor Lilly is sick :( I am hoping she is better soon as I feel terrible forcing tablets down her twice a day :(

I have just finished cutting out Colettes Sencha pattern, fabric is prewashed and ready to be ironed and cut out. I am very excited about this pattern, I am in serious love with the button back (tho I am confused how I am going to get it on when my man isnt around).

Countdown to getting the net back Friday....IT NEEDS ME!!!!!!!

Apr 10, 2013

No internets!

Atm I have no internet but never fear! I will soon have super dooper cable net on the 19th, so that night I am planning a big photo blog of my sewing room!
As a teaser heres a photo :)

Apr 3, 2013

I've bought alot of goodness lately

Look at my good stuffs!

Material - Vintage sewing themed, HAZZAR! It is quilting cotton but if I line it, it will be fine as fashion fabric. Atm I'm thinking a skirt...but who knows!

Shoes - H! By Henry Holland (super cute, practical and vintage look)

Sew What! Skirts book - teaches to create your own skirt patterns which I super excited to learn drafting, for how cheap the book is, it's deff worth a look for begginers drafting.

One line a day - Its a five year diary! You write one line (or short paragraph) each day for five years. Super simple. I have always tried to keep diarys but it never works out, this is small enough to fit in a handbag, is pretty and had gold trim paper. LOVE.

Annnnnnnnddddd a zillion patterns - this was all a bunch of purchases over the last month and a bit....Patterns (especially vintage) bring me such a joy and thrill that I cannot even explain the happiness :)

So has anyone else made any purchases lately that make them giddy?

Mar 26, 2013

3 down, 11 more to go! Vnbfbs

My third pattern for Vogues New Book For Better Sewing!!!
The coat! I seem to be having a bit more luck tracking down the patterns that where released in 1951 (the year beforehand) but that's ok! They where the same patterns, just previously brought out. Also some where available in junior sizes.
I'm not fussed, I'm not good enough at sewing to attempt them even if there where my measurements! But they are a hobby within themselves in collecting them until I teach myself up-sizing :)

In other news, I've joined a gym! (insert shock and horror). I've been everyday for the past week, I'm there for an hour at a time (sometimes halfa more) and I am LOVING biking. Not the traditional uncomfortable seating one, there is one that feels as tho you are chilling out while working out. Last night I managed 25kms in just 65mins!  Pretty proud of myself!

Talk to me people!!!!!! *begs*

Mar 16, 2013

Vogues new book for better sewing 1952

My copy has come!!!
Along with two of the patterns :)
I have also found the coat pattern as of tonight so thats on its way. If anyone can PLEASE help me track down the rest I will love you foreverrrrr.

Oh and heres my kitty Lilly sleeping on my fabrics :)

Talk to me readers! I need to know someones out there!

I plan to get back into my sewing room and decide what to start making. I have to get my skills up before I even THINK about starting Vnbfbs!

Mar 12, 2013

Vintage sewing goodness!

Over the long weekend my mother and I went country op shopping...OMG.
We went to five places, and I found amazing bargains. Patterns, material, notions, and the best buy of the day was the stack of 100% Aussie wool from the 1970s!

I'm over the moon :)

The next few weeks will be full of lovely goodness for me, with patterns coming in the mail from all over! I really must get around to actually sewing something :P

Mar 4, 2013

Old world charm

I had an amazing find/buy last week!
This antique lounge suite!!! Its wonderful. I adore the real feather filled seats, the wood carvings and the button backs.
They really do not make furniture like they used too.

Also as my first photo shows I then bought a awesome coffee table, its deff old but I have no idea of its marker or period. All i know is that its amazing and so very practical with its 12 draws.

Furniture addict.

Mar 1, 2013

Gerties New Book for Better Sewing

Gerties blog was the reason I got into sewing.
I had always been intrested but fearful of sewing, I understood it was going to be hard and expensive to start (anyone that says otherwise is mad!) But I knew after reading every blog post of hers over a weeks times I had to give it a try.
I have never been so excited for a sewing book before, and my excitement was justifed the moment I opened the cover. Its bright, inviting and has the same humor of her blog.
She makes things intresting and pushes you to try more. Its not a conventional sewing book, this is for vintage inspired sewers. If your a quick sew, modern kind of gal...dont even bother going anywhere near thing book.
All in all, this is one of the best purchases I have ever made regarding sewing in general let alone a sewing book.
Well done Gertie, I cant wait to see what you have in store for us next :)

Feb 27, 2013


So as a makeup addict I have always wantes to get MAC products but their prices have always put me off trying them. Lately with my commitment to wearing lipstick everyday I went on the hunt for the perfect vintage red.
Ruby Woo, I freaking LOVE you! Its not as dry as other reviews claim, its delicatly creamy, just enough to allow you to spread it on your lips. Its super pigmented, bright and BEAUTIFUL!

Im in love. While most would avoid wearing it as a daily lippy, I am all up in the whirl of it. I wish there was a million different shades of retro mattes!

Check out the photo of me, thats just a quick application, no lip liner or prep.

Feb 13, 2013

Love is in the air

So tomorrow is international love day! (Vals day)
My lovely Dale and I will be having dinner together that he has cooked and spend the night with many cuddles and words of sap. I am especially looking foward to my gift from him, moneys to spend at spotlight! With him following me around! Funnily enough he loves shopping with me as I get all excited running around.
This will be our 5th vals day together :)

So what are your plans? Much love I hope!!!

Jan 21, 2013

Im alive!

Ive tried a few times to get back into sewing and my other hobbies since I hurt myself with no luck until the last few weeks or so, where I am really feeling the itch!
I miss it.
Something i have become obsessed with is home decor! I will post photos of my home soon.
For now, here's me! I decided to cut myself a Bettie Page style finge and make a rockabilly headband. Like?