Jun 24, 2013

My sewing/craft group!

Well over a year ago I felt the overwhelming need for crafty friends, as far as I was aware I had none and my partner was well and truly sick of me ranting about fabric and buttons.

I made a group on Facebook as I found others to be too large, and in being so I felt too lost within them.
As of today my group is nearly 300 members strong (with about 30 of them who I know now quite well and a regular posters) and it's given me the sense of community I craved within craft.

Please feel more than welcome to join, and let me know that my blog took you there as I would love to see people really get into the spirit of things :)
We are just rounding up our latest craft swap so the next week will be lively with love about eachothers gifts!


Jun 19, 2013

Pattern Giveaway Winners!!!

Sorry I am a bit late on posting, I've been sickly so even powering up my laptop has seemed like a huge task!!!

Pattern 1 - This pattern had no love! So it goes back into my sewing room to wait until the next time.
Pattern 2 - Goes to the lovely Abby Horskins!!! From http://bluegingerdoll.blogspot.com.au/
Pattern 3 - Galen Dorpalen-Barry you are the winner!!
Pattern 4 - This one had the most interest which I am not shocked at, it's lovely :) The winner is...Laura Lee!!! From http://www.vintagerequiem.com

If the winners can please email me at amber_walker@live.com.au with your address and I will get them off in the mail asap :)

I hope everyone will enjoy their patterns, and please let me know when you have made them up!!!


Jun 2, 2013

Pattern Giveaway!!!

I won a vintage pattern today from the lovely Penny at Dresses&Me. I havnt won anything since I was a child so it made my day!!! Its hard to find vintage patterns in larger sizes so I am super keen on using my new pattern!

In the spirit of kindess, I have decided to give away some patterns too!!

Pattern 1.
Simplicity 8149
Size 14, bust 36

Pattern 2.
Simplicity 5071
Size 14, bust 34

Pattern 3.
Advance Sew Easy
Size 14, bust 34

Pattern 4.
Simplicity 6491
Size 14, bust 36

To win please -
• Comment here on which pattern you would like to win and a link to your blog.

• Follow my blog (either on the blogger friends or by email)

• If you could possibly link back to my blog on your next blog post that would be amazing also, share the love ♥♡♥

Keep checking new posts as to if you have won or not, I will be picking winners two weeks from today!!

Good luck!!!!