Jun 19, 2013

Pattern Giveaway Winners!!!

Sorry I am a bit late on posting, I've been sickly so even powering up my laptop has seemed like a huge task!!!

Pattern 1 - This pattern had no love! So it goes back into my sewing room to wait until the next time.
Pattern 2 - Goes to the lovely Abby Horskins!!! From http://bluegingerdoll.blogspot.com.au/
Pattern 3 - Galen Dorpalen-Barry you are the winner!!
Pattern 4 - This one had the most interest which I am not shocked at, it's lovely :) The winner is...Laura Lee!!! From http://www.vintagerequiem.com

If the winners can please email me at amber_walker@live.com.au with your address and I will get them off in the mail asap :)

I hope everyone will enjoy their patterns, and please let me know when you have made them up!!!