May 12, 2013

New dress!

So I finally made a more fitted dress (the bust at least). While it looks fine to everyone else I know its not perfect (anything I make rarely is!!).

I have so many patterns laying abour atm that Im in the middle of I cant even tell you what bodice it is, I altered it to give the fold over neckline, lined the bodice, added my own gathered skirt (I cheated and its elastic gathered) added the retro flower buttons...I think thats it?
After wearing it for a day to see what needed fixing I need to bring the back in an inch, bust in about an inch and a half, removed almost two inches from the shoulders and line down the waist as the gathers make me itch.

Apart from that I am pretty happy I have a dress I have made, I even did my first hand picked zipper and that baby was LONG!