May 12, 2013

Mothers Day!

(Excuse the fact there is going to be multiple posts today, I have net back on!!)

It's Mothers day and I am lucky to have a unique relationship with my own Mum.
There was a long period of time when I was a child that I didnt see her (many years in fact) and it wasnt until the last handful of years really that we have managed to come together and be daughter and mother, but ours is more of a friendship than anything.
I know that if she wasnt my mother I would still choose to have her as a friend, she is my bestfriend and I love her dearly. I spend alot of my week with her, more time with her than any of ny friends or even my partner and still I wish for more time that she and I can do things together.
I bought her the usual "mum" pressie (slippers) but I also made her this shopping bag in a funky print and a sweet little floral coin purse. (This is only my second button hole ever on a item so I am proud!).

I love you Mum.