May 25, 2013

Mend and Make do

This is by far my fave type of skirt. I don't use a pattern, just my knowledge of sewing and my body, and while each has turned out differently I have done so to adjust how much of each fabric I had at the time
 The olive green with the bow is the other nights latest love in my life, I adore it! It's a thin wool, nice and warm and quite a bright green outside yet inside it turns an olive. I know I am going to make a million of these types of skirts and already have one in mind for this weekend :)

- Don't I look chuffed? 

Tonights project! My stepmother volunteers in a opshop and found this dress and knew I would love the print (I really do) but the dress was TINY so I knew I was going to have to make it into a skirt!
So I cut it away fromt the waist, added a navy waist band, button and overlocked the seams and yay!

I love indie patterns, Everything about them makes me feel every good about sewing as one can feel. They are always with the time, have amazing features that the big companies just seem to overlook, have blogs that have more in depth help and you can really get to know and usually love the designer. This is my first Megan Nielsen pattern, and while I will need to upsize it a few inches, I am super excited about the beautiful pattern!!! I got my jollies from the top being turned into this dress.

SO! What have you been working on? Are you working on one project or have a million going at one time like me? (My sewing room is a bomb site!!)

Bambi xx