Apr 3, 2013

I've bought alot of goodness lately

Look at my good stuffs!

Material - Vintage sewing themed, HAZZAR! It is quilting cotton but if I line it, it will be fine as fashion fabric. Atm I'm thinking a skirt...but who knows!

Shoes - H! By Henry Holland (super cute, practical and vintage look)

Sew What! Skirts book - teaches to create your own skirt patterns which I super excited to learn drafting, for how cheap the book is, it's deff worth a look for begginers drafting.

One line a day - Its a five year diary! You write one line (or short paragraph) each day for five years. Super simple. I have always tried to keep diarys but it never works out, this is small enough to fit in a handbag, is pretty and had gold trim paper. LOVE.

Annnnnnnnddddd a zillion patterns - this was all a bunch of purchases over the last month and a bit....Patterns (especially vintage) bring me such a joy and thrill that I cannot even explain the happiness :)

So has anyone else made any purchases lately that make them giddy?