Feb 6, 2012

Be still my heart

First of all I should explain the Bambi in my blog name.

While I'm know to be quite bossy, I've been told by many people I'm a bit delicate like a orphan child (thanks guys :/) and I fall over alot.
Like, a hell of alot. Not tripping over anything or running too fast, just standing there, maybe on a completely flat surface with nothing happening and I'll just fall over.

Maybe I actually have a ear drum problem now that I really think about it...hrmm.

Anywho! That's how I got my nickname many years ago, I'm useless and Im terrible at existing lol. Which brings me to the point of this post!!!

This freakin fabric!!!
I just wanna grab it and smear it all over my face while singing "unforgettable".
Does no one else get that excited when they see a fabric that just screams "BUY ME, I WAS MADE TO BE WITH YOU!!"

Ordering it this Friday from America, 3 yards! My plans are to make a pencil skirt which takes up about 1.5 yards, but I havnt thought about what to do with the rest yet.

Any ideas?