Feb 4, 2012

Im sickly

Well I am!
It's like I have the worst gag reflex right now and I keep throwing up or being the acidiest person EVER.
And its too hot.

Still attempting to put my latest project together.
I've take the top half of the pattern for my pencil skirt and used the larger size of of the darts on another pattern for the front.
It's going to be shorter, HOPEFULLY sit at my waist instead of the hips and I'm adding lace at the bottom.
Oh and it's cherry print cotton...

One thing I might change at the end is add another panel of the fashion fabric to the lace if it's too short for my liking.

I most likey shouldn't be attempting this while I'm so sick, especially given the fact for two hours this morning I was totally delirious and nearly crying for two hours trying to get my overlocker to work...BUT you can't hold me back when I want to do something!!

Wish me luck :/