Feb 4, 2012

Way to set myself a goal

Seven pencil skirts.
Including the cherry print I'm half way thru, I'm going to make seven...
I may end up having a stroke after them all, I just hope by the end I'm so pro that I can custom fit them perfectly!!
As you can see by my photo I've got my swatches all cut out and ready to get zippers tomorrow. This is the first time I'm actually prepared prior, I've even made a list.
Go me.

On other news, my partners got a bunch of his friends over and there all huddled around our dinning table with their respective computers playing civ.
Mostly it just turns into them all bitching about who's not here lol
Worst than women they are!!!

So...think I'll ever have someone comment on my posts? Or I'll live on being self indulgent writing and posting for the sake of my own keep sake?

Oh well.