Feb 13, 2012

Pre Shrinking fabric

This is by FAR the thing I hate most.
Everytime I have to do it before a new project I put it off as long as possible, especially given the crappy weather here at the moment so I have to dry them inside which takes 24 hours or more.

I'm annoyed.
I have five of the same fabrics, same print, same company etc just different colours. I pre shrunk them all the same as the instructions said too; warm hand wash. Now four of them are perfectly fine, nearly dry and looking chrisp and ready to iron...but alas, the purple hates my guts.
The dye ran like crazy, and has ruined the white polka dots. And if I was to ever do anything with it, anytime it was washed it would run and ruin everything, like it ruined a pretty navy and white striped material I have.

So hopefully me storming into lincraft with it an demanding my money back will work, as it's useless to me now unless I decided to just use it as a Muslin, but I think the print would throw me off too much.

Damn all.

So what's on your sewing project list at the moment?
I've made up my plan for my craft swap and need to make a pattern and muslin but I have three more weeks to go for that, so I think I might make another skirt...