Feb 5, 2012

I crave you darling thing you

These jeans...these beautiful works of art, I could just EAT you up!
I've been looking for a pair of vintage styled jeans for what feels like forever.
Jeans today seem to sit on me with karma in mind. What I mean is, I must be a pretty horrible person for a piece of clothing to make me look THAT bad. Bastard things...

Back to these sexy jeans!!!!
They nip in at the waist and just fall down your body. Oh, how excited I feel just looking at them.
And before you start to think "Wow this chicks got issues being so excited over pants", you have no idea how bad pants of any kind look on me.
I'm 5'5, have a 35" waist and 41.5" hips, short legs...bah.
I always end up looking uncomfortable and like I've tried to force my pudge into someone else's business.

Before you say "Make them yourself" nooo, so not ready to tailor make pants, let alone jeans. It's quite awhile away yet and I adore these too much to not support her work :)
For hand made jeans, the price is cheap in my opinion, and the sailor detailing is to die for. These are deff on my "must save for or sell kidney for" list =)