Feb 4, 2012

First pencil skirt

I made a pencil skirt over the last three days, my first infact.
This skirt nearly killed me emotionally.
Everything just kept going wrong, somehow the waist band ended up being too small, it would sit right, the lining poked out in the zipper, it gathered oddly at the side split... But I'm the end I decided if it was gonna be an jerk, I'd transform it into a mishap gone couture!
I added length to the waistband and covered it up with a pink leopard how I made to size and made the gathering look intentional with a self covered button at the top of the spilt in the leopard.
This sits at the hips which I'm not used too, so next time I will deff make it a high waisted skirt.
Fashion fabric is a deep purple cotton and I lined it even tho the pattern didn't call for it (I almost can't stand things to NOT be lined) with a hot pink silky rayon.
One thing I do need to alter is the back dress hook, it needs to be over a few mm to be perfect.
For my first go I'm pretty happy considering I'm only used to making circle skirts!